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Full stack Junior Web Developer specialized in Ruby on Rails

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Junior developer with almost 2 years in Ruby and 1 year Rails experience,about the last one I improve in a 80% the internal license manager of the company and I created the first beta version of my first project from scratch. Furthermore I was making static websites as hobbie from 1997 till 2007 and used some wordpress few years ago

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New challenges

Looking for a new job in a dynamic team environment to share knwoledge, learn and make/create great projects together. I'm currently working to finish the first version of my online Rent Bikes shop and the film database manager app(Mosaikfilmer) I have some other projects on mind as conecting programmers for pair programming (Tandem coders)

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Current goal

Working in different projects to improve my knowledge in Front-End and Ruby on Rails Back-end and get hired as a Jr. Ruby on Rails Full Stack Developer

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About me

Optimist, persistent, multicultural and always ready for changes.

Just me

I like to know people, travel, languages, understand the problems in the economy, to motivate others, laugh, dance, swim, music, photography (even I don't have a proper camera but someday soon).

I'm some 25% Mexican, 35% Spanish and the rest it is mostly mixed and scrambled with Europeans, Northamericas, Latinamericans and random people whitout specially any clear flag or belong feeling.

As studies I'm economist and nowadays I'm on the path to be a Junior Full Stack Web Developer in Ruby on Rails. I did and try some different fields, Marketing, PR, Economics, Services sector, Consulting and right now Web Development that is now is one of my hobbies.

My idea is create in few years a human valuable Startup with some amazing people.

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  • Economist
  • Junior Web Developer

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My story starts very early, on 1997 I was a teenager that spended some months playing with HTML and JS. It was a hobbie that I enjoyed a lot. Then I stopped on 2001 because I started to study Economics. I still did like it to do websites and play a bit. But I never tought that I can live doing websites. I've learnt some Flash on 2002 and was doing websites for friends. I finaly finish my masters-degree I worked in Consulting, Marketing and PR. I realize that I was not satisfied working in these fields that I need something more challenging, that will fit better with me and something that can I can be passionate and also something that can give me at some level a lot of freedom and even be able to do my own Start-up. All the ways where going to web developement. That's how my path on Web Developement started in February 2014 as a Ruby Intern and in February 2015 as Ruby on Rails Junior Developer.
I have good knowledge in Ruby and some knowledge in Rails.I just finished and intensive course in CareerFoundry to master my skills and be a complete Full Stack Web-developer My level in some technologies: Ruby: medium Rails: medium Rspec: medium-basic Git: high JS: basic CSS: medium-high HTML: medium-high Linux: medium *Nowadays I'm a linux user but I was also working with Mac.
I would like to start with little projects or also been part of a Start-up with Senior Developers that I can learn and go futher in my knowledege.


antonio serna gutierrez


  +49 1573 622 28 57

  Kreuzberg, Berlin


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